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Bosnia and Herzegovina


In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Danny Glover and Edin Dzeko play ball for children with disabilities
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 23 August 2013 – It’s all about ability this summer, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through a series of sporting events involving children living with and without disabilities, UNICEF is promoting the spirit of sport to overcome prejudices and promote everyone’s abilities.

Executive Board members visit Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina, 7 May 2013 – A delegation from the UNICEF Executive Board, including officials from Albania, Finland, Guyana, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Kenya, recently paid a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, improving rural lives with essential services
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 16 February 2012 – Rasema lives with her husband and two boys, aged 3 and 6, in the rural community of Gornja Tuzla, some 10 km from the industrial town of Tuzla.

Five more nations sign international accord to stop children from being forced into conflict
NEW YORK, USA, 27 September 2011 - Five more nations have officially committed to ending the phenomena of children in armed conflict by signing the Paris Commitments. The inclusion of Angola, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Costa Rica and San Marino means that 100 nations have now pledged to do everything they can to protect children from being forced into conflict.

Creating a safe environment for children in divided schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina
NEW YORK, USA, 13 July 2011 – Many schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina still reflect the ethnic tensions that triggered protracted armed conflict in the region in the mid-1990s. They are divided into ‘two-schools under one roof’ and mono-ethnic schools, where children are segregated based on their ethnicity or nationality in mixed regions.

A multi-cultural school in Bosnia and Herzegovina brings out the best in children
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 4 August 2010 – Eldina Ismailij, 11, loves to dance. The wild rhythms of Roma dancing set her free. Last year, she won a dance competition and her picture was in the newspaper. She blushes when asked about her accomplishment, and her mother, Dzemila Bostandzija, beams with pride. The best thing about winning, said Eldina, was the prize cake.

Helping Roma mothers raise healthy, educated children
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 8 March 2007 ─ Deep-seated discriminatory practices persist in southeastern Europe against nearly 1 million Roma children in the region, according to a new UNICEF report that seeks to raise awareness of the extent to which these children suffer from social exclusion.

Hoping for important decisions: The Second Intergovernmental Conference on Making Europe and Asia Fit for Children
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 15 May 2004—Hosted by the Governments of Bosnia and Herzegovina and of Germany, the Second Intergovernmental Conference on Making Europe and Central Asia Fit for Children, 13-15 May, focused on five areas for priority action: investing in children; children moving across borders; violence against children; social exclusion; and cities fit for children.

Roma children in Sarajevo receive a special guest at school
SARAJEVO, Bosnia, 13 May 2004—When the school bell rang at Djemaludin Causavic elementary in Sarajevo this morning, there was a new and illustrious student in attendance.




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