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Frontline Diary

23 January 2007: Afghans determined to rebuild, no matter the obstacles
KABUL, Afghanistan, 23 January 2007 – Prior to my first trip to Afghanistan in 2001, I remember a time when the horrible pictures of group killings in Kabul football stadiums reached the rest of the world. News reports spoke of oppressive restrictions and daily torture of innocent people. Worldwide, many wondered how things would turn out here.

24 May 2006: Signs of hope for children follow difficult weeks in Afghanistan
KABUL, Afghanistan, 24 May 2006 – The last two weeks were difficult ones for us here in Afghanistan. On 12 May, we lost a UNICEF colleague and a partner from a non-governmental organization in an attack against a UNICEF vehicle returning from a routine monitoring mission in the west of the country. Another colleague was badly injured.

31 January 2006: Transformation signifies a brighter future in Afghanistan
Marking his fourth anniversary as UNICEF’s Communication Officer in Afghanistan, Edward Carwardine reflects on the transformation the country has undergone during his tenure, and the prospects for further development following the Afghanistan Compact Meeting in London.

7 May 2005: Letter from Kabul
Edward Carwardine is UNICEF’s Communication Officer in Afghanistan. He recently visited two very different UNICEF-sponsored schools on a trip through Afghanistan. The following is a Frontline Diary from his trip.

15 December 2004: Reflections on progress for Afghanistan’s children
KABUL, 15 December 2004 - Winter is upon us here in Kabul. The last flowers have fallen from roses in the garden and the vines which bedeck the walls of our compound have gone into hibernation. Winter has come earlier than usual this year – a sign that it may be longer and colder than last year.

8 October 2004: On the eve of a historic presidential election
Edward Carwardine is UNICEF’s Communication Officer in Afghanistan. The following are his personal observations on the eve of Afghanistan’s first democratic election after the fall of the Taliban.

4 September 2004: Attacks on children’s schools violate ‘zones of peace’
It has been a tragic week for children. Last Friday at the UNICEF office we watched, with growing dismay, scenes from the captured school in Beslan that filled our television screen. We realized that there would not be a happy outcome to this terrible siege.

19 June 2004: UNICEF and the Ministry of Information and Culture host a three-day workshop on “Children and the Media"
A rocket was fired at a military installation in Kabul on Tuesday evening. I was hosting a small dinner to say goodbye to a colleague, and we were just listening to the sound of the crickets in the garden, when there was a heavy thud.

30 May 2004: Afghanistan after the war
There was a noticeable ‘driving’ motif to reconstruction here in Kabul in the last few weeks. Two weeks ago, the first traffic lights came back into working order at the main intersections.




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