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In Turkmenistan, Third Central Asian Child Protection Forum calls for juvenile justice reform
ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan, 1 June 2011 – Children facing trial or in police custody and detention are among the most vulnerable in society, a five-country child protection forum has been told as it meets to discuss the rights of children.

‘Rethinking Poverty’ conference cites risks to children posed by rising global insecurity
NEW YORK, USA, 22 April 2008 – Participants in an international conference here have been told that global uncertainty and an increase in terrorism and violence will lead to an increase in the number of people – including children – living in poverty.

Life-skills lessons turn Turkmen students into role models
GEOKDEPE, Turkmenistan, 8 January 2008 – After school, seventh-grader Jeren Yovbagshiyeva often comes home to sit down with her family for afternoon tea. On this day, however, instead of the usual talk about her progress in class, she has something else to discuss.

Working together for child-friendly learning in Turkmenistan
KUNYA URGENCH,  Turkmenistan, 27 December 2007 – On the playground outside District School Number One, the boys and girls line up alongside each other and prepare to play a game. Each group holds hands tightly, then sends a student from their ranks to ‘break through’ the other line.

Life-skills training turns Turkmen students into pioneers of AIDS awareness
ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan, 30 May 2007 – Knowledge about the risk of HIV and how to prevent AIDS is very low in Turkmenistan. Less than one in eight women is able to identify the four ways the virus can be transmitted.

Child-friendly schools boost learning in Turkmenistan
KONEURGENCH DISTRICT, Turkmenistan, 30 April 2007 – Two years ago Aigul, Nurgozel and Sahypjemal had never used a computer. Now they use the Internet to browse English-language websites.

Reinforcing links in the cold-chain to preserve vaccines in Turkmenistan
ABADAN, Turkmenistan, 16 March 2007 – The immunization programme in Turkmenistan is being overhauled, with responsibility for maintaining the ‘cold chain’ – which preserves vaccines and keeps them safe for children – shifting from the vaccinators themselves to maintenance professionals.

Empowering children and families at the Family Support Centre in Abadan
ABADAN, Turkmenistan, 12 September 2006 – Every day after school, Nadya, an unusually clever 11-year old girl, heads over to the Family Support Centre, a haven for youths in the Ashgabad suburb of Abadan.




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