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Syrian crisis takes tragic toll on refugee families
ADANA, Turkey, 15 March 2018 – One year ago, Ahmed El Ilevi began most of his days in the emergency room. He and his children had just moved to Turkey from Syria, after being forced from their home during heavy bombardments.

In Turkey, country-wide vaccinations help Syrian refugee children stay healthy
Gaziantep, Turkey, 9 August 2017 – A crowd of mothers gathered early, parking their strollers in a neat row against the side of large, bright building. Amal Nabil, a 32-year-old Syrian refugee, had travelled for more than an hour to get there, first by bus then on foot.

In Turkey, mobile child-friendly spaces bridge gaps between Syrian and Turkish children
IZMIR, Turkey, 24 July 2017 – Raghad is not going to let anyone stop her. The 12-year-old Syrian refugee woke up at 6 am, dressed and made breakfast for her two younger brothers. Now the three of them, jackets on, scarves wrapped around their necks, stand at the door, smiling as they tell their mother to hurry up.

"Some days I just have to listen": A family therapist works with Syrian refugees in Turkey
IZMIR, Turkey, 16 May 2017 – As a family therapist, Zeynep Kapisiz regularly deals with anger, depression, fear and many pleas for help. Some days she feels overwhelmed. The problems she is trying to solve can seem intractable.

In Turkey, new shoes for Syrian refugee children
ADIYAMAN, Turkey, 15 November 2013 – There are many reasons children don’t go to school. Not having a pair of shoes is rarely one of them. For many Syrian children living in Turkey’s refugee camps, however, lack of shoes and warm clothing can make or break their academic future.

Government and UNICEF provide support and training for Syrian teachers in Turkey's refugee camps
ADANA, Turkey, 7 November 2013 – When Muhammed Ismael, 41, first arrived in Turkey from Edlib, in the Syrian Arab Republic, he did not want just to sit idle. After settling in the Altinozu camp in Hatay, the father of six decided to put his skills and experience as an English language teacher in service to children who, like him, are living as refugees.

In Turkey, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Maxim Vengerov plays for early childhood education
ISTANBUL, Turkey, 31 October 2013 – World-renowned violinist and conductor and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Maxim Vengerov visited the Gülen Üstünel Preschool in Istanbul to support the A Child in Preschool Education with TL 25 Once A Month fundraising campaign.

Syrian children in Turkey build bridges to the future
OSMANIYE AND SARIÇAM CAMPS, Turkey, 2 August 2013 – “Expressing my opinions without pressure; living in freedom and safety.” This is how one Syrian child, displaced by war and living in a camp in Turkey, defined the rights of the child during an art class organized with the support of UNICEF Turkey.

In Turkey, teachers learn how to work better with their Syrian refugee pupils
ISKENDERUN, Turkey, 11 July 2013 – In a large training room, an instructor asks a group of 200 people to hold a chickpea in their palms and to imagine that it is a tree.

For Syrian children in Turkey, school brings choices and challenges
URFA, Turkey, 10 June 2013 – It’s 10 a.m., and the children in the front yard of the Information and Education Centre for Syrian Guests are getting restless. They are waiting to see what their new classrooms look like, and they are hot, thirsty and impatient.

16-year-old Syrian refugee describes living in Akcakale camp in Turkey
AKCAKALE CAMP, Turkey, 14 February 2013-It was three in the morning when Hala, age 16, and her family fled their home in Syria for Akcakale refugee camp in Turkey. The camp, situated in Sanliurfa, is one of 15 camps built by the government of Turkey for Syrian families seeking refuge from the conflict in their homeland.

In southern Turkey, Syrian refugee children are caught between a harrowing past and an uncertain future
HATAY, Turkey, 10 May 2012 – In a quiet house outside Antakya in southern Turkey, parents fleeing 14 months of violence in Syria have set up a makeshift school for their children. The sounds of lessons in maths, English, Turkish and the Koran ring through the living rooms and bedrooms, and the garden has become a lively playground.

In Turkey, a conference gives children a voice in the drafting of new constitution
ANKARA, Turkey, 2 February, 2012 – Turkey is at pivotal point in its history. Parliamentarians are poised to make fundamental changes to the country’s constitution, and children will have a rare chance to leave their stamp on it.

Children’s Forum places focus on digital safety for Turkey’s youth
ANKARA, Turkey, 1 December 2011 - A landmark meeting was held recently at the national parliament to advocate for children and young people’s optimal and safe use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

In Turkey, the 'friendship train' encourages children to visit museums
ANKARA, Turkey, 12 May 2011 – Thirty-three child members of Turkey’s provincial child rights committees undertook a train journey of almost 2,000 km in April, as part of a UN joint programme targeting the development of Eastern Anatolia through cultural tourism.

In Istanbul, UNICEF and UNESCO Institute for Statistics launch joint education project
ISTANBUL, Turkey, 30 June 2010 – While Turkey has made significant progress in reducing the number of out-of-school girls in recent decades, the number of girls in school continues to decline sharply by the fifth and sixth grades.

Launch of a child-rights syllabus for journalism students in Turkey
ANKARA, Turkey, 12 November 2009 – Understanding child rights and how to produce stories about children in a responsible and ethical way is now part of the journalism curriculum at seven Turkish universities.

Ankara hosts international symposium on children in conflict with the law
ANKARA, Turkey, 11 May 2009 – Experts from four continents have recommended that all countries set up national child-information systems to identify children at risk, as well as the risks they face. The recommendation was made in the concluding statement of a three-day international symposium on children at risk and in need of protection, which took place recently in Ankara.

Turkish universities set standard by championing child rights in new syllabus
GENEVA, Switzerland, 9 April 2009 – Six Turkish universities are leading the way in European journalism studies by agreeing to introduce a new child rights syllabus in their degree programmes.

Turkey encouraged by UNICEF report on maternal and newborn health
ANKARA, Turkey, 19 January 2009 – UNICEF’s flagship publication, ‘The State of the World’s Children 2009’, received a warm welcome in Turkey, where it was recently unveiled by UNICEF Representative Reza Hossaini.

Children get a voice in Turkey’s parliament
The Grand National Assembly of Turkey has become the latest national parliament to set up a committee to monitor child rights – and children will be invited to contact the committee via the Internet.

New Turkish TV show gives teenage videographers a platform
ISTANBUL, Turkey, 12 April 2007 – A five-day OneMinutesJr. video workshop hosted last week by Turkish National Television (TRT) will enable youths aged 12 to 20 to produce personal video stories about their dreams, passions and expectations – but also about their fears and sometimes very real problems at home or at school.

Bird flu devastates a family in eastern Turkey
VAN PROVINCE, Turkey, 18 January 2007 – In the shadow of Mount Ararat, a father in eastern Turkey is trying to recover from the death of his 16-year-old daughter, Fatma.

Going door-to-door in Turkey for girls’ education
VAN, Turkey, 29 December 2005 – In schools and homes and coffeehouses across the country, the same question is being asked by teachers, journalists, local activists and religious leaders: “What will it take to get your daughter in school?”




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