16 February 2021

Speak up and take action!

U-Report U-Report is a communication tool of UNICEF Indonesia created for and managed by youth to make sure young people are always informed and can participate! Join as a U-Reporter by sending a text message JOIN to U-Report WhatsApp number +628119004567 or click: Join U-Report. Mitra Muda Mitra Muda is an inclusive youth engagement network that…, Youth Engagement Highlights, Young people are involved in capacity building initiatives so that they can actively participate. Starting from the joint program planning process, creating the U-Report information portal, facilitating workshops, to being a speaker at various prestigious activities. Read more on our 2021 and 2022 activities recap on Mitra Muda and the use of U-…, Join a U-Report Programme,  Ongoing programme: #GenerasiTerampil #GenerasiTerampil FunDoo Ready to be #GenerasiTerampil? Finish the mission in U-Report chatbot and get a chance to join a workshop with U-Report and UNICEF! The workshop will hone 21 st century skills that you need. Share the excitement in your social media and get others to join!, What’s in U-Report?, Information Portal U-Report information poll Get information updates from the U-Report chatbot. Type BOT and send it to WA number 08119004567 or click bit.ly/ureportbot . Poll Results U-Report poll results Read the analysis on U-Reporters’ insights that inform decision-making through this link . Voice Your Concern U-Report poll invitation UNICEF…, What is and Who are Mitra Muda Indonesia?, What Have Mitra Muda Done So Far?, Being a Facilitator/Speaker Kindness Leardership Conference Kindness Leadership Conference U-Report bappeda Meeting with Bappeda Kupang (Kupang Regional Development Planning Agency) Youth for SDGs Youth for SDGs Summit Initiating Activities #GenerasiTerampil workshop Webinar and Workshop Generasi Terampil IG Live Mitra Muda IG Live – One Day with…, Frequently Asked Questions, 1. How do I join Mitra Muda? First, anyone can join Mitra Muda. There are different types of membership in Mitra Muda. If you are a U-Reporter, then you are also part of Mitra Muda. If you are not a U-Reporter yet, you can join by typing JOIN and send it to U-Report WhatsApp at +628119004567 or click: Join U-Report . If you’re interested to be…, Follow Our Youth Engagement Updates!, Icon FB Icon TW Icon IG, Read More
27 May 2020

"Feel Your Feelings”: Coping Strategies for Children During COVID-19

It looked like any other day since the outbreak of COVID-19—except that it wasn’t. As if responding to the ringing of a school bell, some 1,300 youth and adolescents from different parts of Indonesia were dialing into a live Facebook session. The session’s theme: how to cope with the burgeoning reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. The dominant…, Navigating the new reality with UNICEF-supported online sessions, The Facebook session was part of a UNICEF-supported series of online sessions to help adolescents navigate this new, uncharted world. A joint programme between UNICEF, Riliv (a social start-up specializing in mental health), and Muhammadiyah (the second largest Islamic organization in the country), the focus was on helping youth identify and cope…, Taking care of body and mind: “Feel your feelings”, According to Ratna Yunita, a psychologist and coordinator for psycho-social support at Muhammadiyah, there is too much information available, too many difficult things put before youth every day, even in normal times. Filtering and limiting the time spent on watching the news is key, she said, to maintaining perspective. Another is helping…, Giving adolescents voice during and beyond the pandemic, As the pandemic rages on with no signs of letting up, the spectre of the emotional long-haul looms high. It will hit many adolescents unprepared as the shock and intense fear of the first few months fade. It might dull motivation and focus as home contracts, school shrinks to the size of the screen, and the world becomes smaller and more sanitized…, How You Can Help, Thanks to the generous contributions of individual donors, UNICEF has been able to work with dedicated counsellors, psychologists and well-being and mental health professionals across Indonesia to help youth cope with the trauma and uncertainty brought about by the pandemic. But the challenge is far from over, and the online sessions have to be…