8 simple steps to safely immunize your children during a pandemic

Guide to ensure parents and caregivers can safely bring their children to health facilities for vaccination

A child is vaccinated
27 August 2020

Maintaining immunization services amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is critical to protect children from outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases. Many parents and caregivers in Indonesia are not vaccinating their children during the COVID-19 pandemic for fear of contracting the infection or other reasons.

Follow these 8 steps to safely immunize your children during a pandemic.

Step 1

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Ensure you and your children are in good health before going to posyandu / puskesmas / other health facilities (no coughs, colds, fever, etc.) and that you have not recently come into contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients.

Step 2

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Use a cloth mask and carry an MCH/ Buku kesehatan ibu dan anak (KIA) booklet or a child's immunization card.

Step 3

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Visit posyandu or puskesmas or other immunization service points according to the immunization schedule determined by the health worker.

Step 4

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Upon arrival at the health facility, immediately wash your hands using soap and running water or hand sanitizer before entering the immunization service room area.

Step 5

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Register and sit in the waiting room before immunization and 30 minutes after immunization. Maintain a safe distance of 2 meters from others in the waiting area as well as when entering and exiting the area.

Step 6

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After the immunization service at the health facility is completed, wash your hands with soap and running water or use a hand sanitizer and go home immediately.

Step 7

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Immediately clean yourself or take a shower, wash your hair and change all the clothes / linens for the children and the baby carrier (clothes, swaddling, slings) and other items that were brought to the health facility.

Step 8

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Contact health workers or cadres if you or your child have complaints after immunization.