Recover, rebound, reimagine

Building a better future for every child in East Asia and the Pacific, post COVID-19

Ais, 7, washes her hands at an orphanage where she lives in Jakarta.


In the space of just a few months, COVID-19 has unleashed itself with alarming speed, leaving no continent or country untouched. In East Asia and the Pacific, home to 2.2 billion people, COVID-19 has further pummelled families already struggling to put food on the table and educate their children.

From the very start, UNICEF and its partners have been responding in full force to the COVID-19 pandemic – guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our vision is ambitious. Not only to provide immediate support and protection to those who need it the most in these coronavirus times, but to encourage, in lockstep with governments and many other partners, new thinking and new strategies to safeguard progress and achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in a post COVID-19 world. What will that world look like? This report – our COVID-19 blueprint for action: Recover, Rebound and Reimagine - may help shape the answer.

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