Guideline on Handwashing with Soap (HWWS) station

Ensuring all schools could provide the most appropriate HWWS facilities

Students wash their hands
UNICEF/2019/Arimacs Wilander


COVID-19 pandemic has triggered schools closure across Indonesia. Government of Indonesia has released joint four ministries decree that stipulate all schools to have proper access to water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, before re-opening.

UNICEF in collaboration with GIZ Fit for Schools and SNV Indonesia supported Ministry of Education and Culture in developing and publishing Guideline on Handwashing with Soap (HWWS) to ensure all schools could provide HWWS facilities. This guideline helps schools to choose the most appropriate handwashing station that fit with their own local condition and resources. The guideline offers five different options ranging from the simplest and cheapest one to the most advance handwashing station options.

Watch this video for the full guideline. Click here.

UNICEF, GIZ Fit for Schools, SNV Indonesia, Ministry of Education and Culture
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