COVID-19 Vaccine Introduction Readiness Tool 3.0 for Indonesia

Tracking the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccination programme implementation

Sukirman and a health worker during vaccination


Indonesia is making an effort to vaccinate more than 270 million people in 34 provinces, and critically needs technological support to track the effectiveness of the implementation. The COVID-19 Vaccine Introduction Readiness Tool (VIRAT) was developed for just this purpose. 

UNICEF, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and WHO, facilitated the development of the VIRAT Dashboard to intensively examine all phases of the COVID-19 vaccination programme implementation. Starting with records, at first only on a national level and then expanded to provincial level, VIRAT was then improved to provide version 3.0, which comprehensively covers both the national and subnational level of readiness. It also measures several programme areas, conducts planning, coordinates service delivery, and monitors and assesses performance in a timely manner.  

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