COVID-19 Cross Sectoral Guidance

The latest technical guidelines and reference materials related to COVID-19

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In support of Indonesia’s COVID-19 response, UNICEF has worked with national authorities to develop this COVID-19 Cross-Sectoral Guidance Package, drawing together new guidance and protocols into a single reference package. The target audience is COVID-19 Task Team leaders, government programme managers and service providers.

The package is divided into short sections, each with a ‘tool-kit’ providing links to the latest technical guidelines and reference materials:

  • Risk Communication and Community Engagement outlines strategies for communicating effectively with the public and the media.
  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene reviews disinfection protocols for schools, health facilities and public places.
  • A Primary Health Care and Nutrition Section reviews screening and referral guidelines at puskesmas; and strategies to continue safe delivery of essential services for mothers and children at all-levels of care.
  • The education sector reviews ‘Safe-School Operations’ and ‘Remote (On-line/Off-line) Learning’ options for children.
  • A section on protect vulnerable children reviews psychosocial support needs, alternative care options, with the latest case management and referral guidelines.
  • A section subnational financing for COVID-19 highlights new COVID-19 financing mechanisms for government, and reviews important new social safety-net measures for poor households including unemployment benefits, food subsidies and cash assistance programmes.
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