Child protection during the COVID-19 pandemic

Reducing child protection risks during COVID-19

A boy washes his hands at a hand washing station in his village in Bekasi


The COVID-19 pandemic has created major challenges for countries and individuals around the entire world. However for children – a vulnerable group that already faces significant threats to their safety and well-being – the pandemic is sharply increasing these risks.

The global scale of the pandemic, creating widespread fear and uncertainty, can have detrimental effects on child-friendly environments as children, families and communities face unprecedented upheaval. Not only do children run the risk of infection, but the crisis and government responses are exacerbating other child protection risks. Governments and other decision-makers play a key role in protecting children during the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular to facilitate, monitor and promote the best interests of children in the face of increased child protection risks.

This document presents child protection risks during pandemic, suggestions to overcome those risks, and guiding law and policy for child protection during COVID-19.

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