The Changing Childhood Project

UNICEF x Gallup | A multigenerational, international survey on 21st century childhood

A boy smiling


What is it like to be a child today? How do young people see the world differently?

In 2021, UNICEF and Gallup surveyed people around the world – both young people aged 15–24 and people over 40, seeking to answer these questions.

We found that young people are optimistic about the future and recognize the progress that has been made, including in key areas of children’s lives. Yet they are not complacent. Young people recognize both the benefits from, and the risks associated with, their increasingly digital lives. They are judicious about whom they trust and they seek action on a range of fronts, from climate change to discrimination.

The challenge now is to listen to these views on childhood and the world consider their implications – and meet young people’s clear-eyed optimism with action.

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