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Five-Year Tsunami Report highlights goals reached in relief and recovery efforts

Five years on: safeguarding health in post-tsunami Banda Aceh

Five years on: strengthening protection of children in post-tsunami Banda Aceh

Five years on: rebuilding education in post-tsunami Banda Aceh

A dream, rejections inspire winning essays in Young Indonesian Writers’ Award

UNICEF delivers a life-saving wedding gift in the aftermath of Indonesia’s earthquake

Breastfeeding is Always Best, Particularly in Emergencies

Emergency vaccination targets 90,000 children in West Sumatra quake zones

Rebuilding lives and buildings in the aftermath of West Sumatra’s earthquake

Journalists’ crucial role in promoting breastfeeding in emergencies

Asia and the Pacific Congress on HIV/AIDS discuss social issues

Young people in Papua learn life skills to avert HIV

Caring for children and families affected by HIV in concentrated and low level epidemics

Steve Aswin, a Construction Engineer to Social Engineer

Award opened doors for 2008 Young Leaders’ winner

Protecting Children Against Domestic Violence in Papua

Vaccinating children deep in Borneo’s jungle

UNICEF Indonesia supports influenza pandemic preparedness

Lessons from the past evidence of pandemic flu in Indonesia unearthed

Child Rights Award 2009: A call to broadcasters

Newest child-friendly school, better access to basic education marks UNICEF's 4th year support in Nias, Indonesia

Measuring impacts of the economic crisis on Indonesian children effectively, timely



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