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Indonesian Young Leaders 2008

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono gives the awards to the winners.

Here is a flashback of last year’s inspirational winners…

By Devi Asmarani

Jakarta, Indonesia 23 July, 2009

Muhammad Iman Usman
Iman has spent much of his young life promoting children’s rights. The 17-year old  is involved in various organizations and events ranging from campaigning for the awareness of HIV/AIDS to starting a recycling program. He was proposed for the award by the Children Protection Foundation (LPA) in West Sumatra, where he is from. He was also recommended by Ady Djuanda, the Committee head of West Sumatra’s Children Forum, an organization for kids to promotes their rights and act as dialogue partner with the stake holders.

Iman is a secretary for West Sumatra Children Forum and also the head of Indonesia’s Critical Children Community (KAKI) in West Sumatra. Some of his projects in KAKI included encouraging kids to criticize policies and express their views on current issues their their unique talents and skills, creating weblog for the children to give their opinions on global issues, as well as organizing the recycling program at his school and collecting books for children who survived the earthquake in West Sumatra.

He was chosen as the Care Force Ambassador for HIV/AIDS awareness and as Peer Educator Educator for Indonesian Youth Partnership in West Sumatra. He is also a volunteer in the Indonesian Family Planning Agency’s teen organization (Cemara) in Padang.

His academic achievement is equally illustrious, having been named in 2008 the most accomplished student in all high schools in Padang. In 2007, he was selected for a short program of the international youth exchange organization, AFS Intercultural Programs.

Iman enjoys reading, browsing the Internet, debating, writing and honing his organizational skills. He aspires to be a diplomat or a public relation official, and dreams of owning his own event organizing company. The youngest of six kids was born in Padang in 1991 to father H. M. Hayan and mother Hj. Yanzimar.


The Minister of Women's Empowerment, Meuthia Hatta, meets Muhammad Iman

Patricia Miranda Wattimena
Patricia likes to talk and debate, which explains why she is studying to be a lawyer at the Pattimura University in Ambon. She hopes to become a human rights lawyer especially for children when she graduates.

She was endorsed for the award by the provincial government of Maluku and also recommended by Maluku’s Interfaith Agency for Humanity.

Patricia has used her persuasion skill to spread information on the danger of HIV/AIDS and narcotics or addictive drugs. She has also led an organization for children and by children: Saniri Anak Maluku. In this organization she actively spoke against violence and promoted the Law on Children Protection, as well as the importance of kids’ involvement in fighting for their rights.

She displayed her acting skills by playing in a production of the play “Throwing Start and Black and White” by Bengkel Teater Kreatif Embun. And she participated in the program to register and develop activities for street kids in Ambon. In addition, she heads the Children Forum in Maluku.

Patricia was born 18 years ago to father Pieter Wattimena and mother Mariana Lekahena. She lives by the principle: “Theory is a big zero if it is not realised.”

Suci Lestari
Having survived the tsunami in Aceh, Tari has been putting her energy and efforts into helping other children like her. The disaster left her orphaned, but the 16-year old has kept her spirit and those surround her strong, actively speaking against violence and promoting kids’ rights.

The winners of the 2008 Young Leaders Award smile with their
certificates acknowledging their efforts in promoting child rights.

She was endorsed by the Centre for Study and Protection of Children (PKPA) in Aceh, a non-governmental organization that promotes the rights of children and work to protect them, especially the tsunami orphans.

The eldest of three children has represented PKPA to organize various events to develop talent, help rehabilitate children who survived the tsunami, and hold regular discussions on children’s rights.

She is a peer educator for reproductive health for teenagers in secondary schools, and an editorial staff for Ceudah, a publication for teenagers. She is also the deputy head for Children Committee in Jantho Aceh Besar, where she, among other, campaigned for the protection of children from violence. In addition, she is the deputy head for Children Forum in Aceh Besar.

Born in Banda Aceh to Ali Amran and mother Sri Muliati, Tari hopes to become a flight attendant.






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