Child Protection

Child protection


Child protection

Child protection
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UNICEF works to support especially the most vulnerable children

Every Indonesian child has the right be protected from harm, from abuse and from exploitation.

UNICEF is working with the Government of Indonesia to help identify specific risks to children – such as violence and discrimination – and current weaknesses in areas such as juvenile justice and social welfare. Technical support is provided to key Ministries and agencies working on child protection issues to strengthen capacities and policies – for example by supporting the Government of Indonesia, the National Child Protection Commission, parliamentary bodies and law enforcement agencies to strengthen the design and implementation of juvenile justice legislation, and through support for social work agencies to improve the skills and understanding of social workers across the country to better assist vulnerable families. UNICEF works with the Government of Indonesia to help identify specific risks to children

UNICEF also partners with renowned academic institutions from Indonesia and abroad to help improve research and accurate data on child protection issues, and also provides guidance to the government on how to maximise the impact of financial resources to create effective child protection structures and services that reach the most vulnerable families where threats to children’s safety and wellbeing are often highest.

Public awareness and understanding of long-standing issues such as violence in schools and communities are being increased through support for behavioural change initiatives, which bring together different actors in communities to take action against such abuses.

Children are often at considerable risk during emergencies – and given Indonesia’s high susceptibility to natural disasters, UNICEF is also working with emergency preparedness and response agencies to ensure that protection issues are adequately addressed in their policies and plans.



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