With the launch of program of cooperation 2021-2025, RI-UNICEF in synergy to accelerate the fulfillment of children's rights in Indonesia

28 January 2021
CPAP launch

JAKARTA, 28 January 2021 - Minister of National Development Planning / Head of Bappenas Suharso Monoarfa, Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian, and UNICEF Indonesia Representative Debora Comini launched the Program of Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and UNICEF for the period 2021-2025. This cooperation program, which is the 10th cycle in the long history of the strategic partnership between the Government of Indonesia and UNICEF, focuses on affirming joint commitment and synergy to accelerate the fulfillment of children's rights in Indonesia. Minister Suharso emphasized that efforts to fulfill children's rights must be a shared commitment and responsibility from all parties. For this reason, the Government of Indonesia with support from UNICEF continues to be consistent in human capital development, developing Indonesia, and starting with development in children.

"It is the ideal of every father, every mother, and every family for their children to grow up to become respectable and pious adults, with quality, and to be able to compete and contribute to the nation and humanity. Therefore, the government is committed to supporting each family to achieve these goals by establishing quality and competitive human development as a priority. Every child has the right to have the opportunity to develop their potential and be free from all forms of discrimination, violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. No child left behind, ”said Minister Suharso virtually, Thursday (28/10).

Director of Public Health and Nutrition of the Ministry of National Development Planning Bappenas, Pungkas Ali Bahjuri, explained that in the next five years, the collaboration program will focus on accelerating the fulfillment of children's rights through various programs such as education, health and nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), child protection, and strengthening social policies. The cooperation program with a budget of Rp 2.07 trillion also supports the achievement of national priorities in the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) 2020-2024, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Framework for Cooperation SDCF Cooperation Framework 2021-2025.

"This strategic partnership aims to support every child in Indonesia to develop their potential. Children are not only beneficiaries, but also our partners. We are working to find solutions to problems or issues that affect them, ”said Debora Comini, UNICEF Representative for Indonesia. The implementation of this cooperation program will be carried out through more innovative development models so that they can become a catalyst for accelerating the achievement of national development targets. It is hoped that this innovative model can be expanded and replicated into policies adopted by the government, both central and local, so that they can leverage the success of development.

Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian emphasized the urgency of the role of local governments in supporting various program activities in the regions. "Local governments must play an active role in supporting and coordinating with various parties to accelerate the fulfillment of children's rights and welfare in their respective regions," he said. The governors of the eight cooperative provinces, namely Aceh, Central Java, East Java, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, South Sulawesi, Papua and West Papua, also emphasized their commitment to implement this cooperation program.

The same thing was also conveyed by seven representatives of young people who were enthusiastic about their commitment to support the fulfillment of children's rights in Indonesia. Isandi Rafael, a 15 year old teenager who acts as a nutrition activator in Klaten, expressed his support for the fulfillment of nutrition, including iron supplementation for young girls.

Meanwhile, one of the facilitators for youth training programs from Kupang, Ferina Futboe, expressed her hope that more young people will be actively involved in collaborating and supporting child development programs. Young people must also be resilient, making the momentum of Covid-19 a lesson to play a more active role. "We believe in the power of youth networks in fighting hoaxes related to Covid-19 on social media," said Aceh youth representative, Farhan Atidi. UNICEF National Ambassador Nicholas Saputra also expressed his hope that more young people will be actively involved, not only to improve the quality of education, health, clean water and sanitation, but also to support various efforts to conserve the environment and anticipate climate change.

The Cooperation Program between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and UNICEF for the period 2021-2025 will involve 15 relevant ministries / agencies, namely the Ministry of National Development Planning / Bappenas, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Areas and Transmigration, Ministry of Religion, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, National Population and Family Planning Agency, and the Central Agency Statistics.

The support of various development partners, civil society organizations, academics and relevant stakeholders will be very significant in ensuring the successful implementation of collaborative programs. The commitment and synergy of all parties are the main keys in efforts to accelerate the fulfillment of children's rights in Indonesia. "Let us all support the implementation of this cooperation, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Disruption of health, economy and social during a pandemic period is a formidable challenge to achieve the targets that have been planned. Through this cooperation program, we can mobilize support to overcome these challenges, especially to ensure that children's rights are fulfilled,” concluded Minister Suharso.

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