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Ferry Salim, UNICEF Indonesia National Ambassador


The famous actor has seen first-hand the challenges millions of children around the country are facing. He joined UNICEF in 2004, shortly before the Indian Ocean tsunami hit Aceh which caused the biggest humanitarian emergency the country has ever experienced with 170,000 deaths in Aceh province alone. Ferry Salim rushed to Banda Aceh to support UNICEF’s emergency operation and help respond to the needs of children affected by the disaster. Ferry’s trip to Aceh was one of his first experiences with UNICEF.


When the award-winning actor is not wowing his fans on the big screen, Ferry is often volunteering to help UNICEF advocate for children. He has been “from Sabang to Merauke”, from one end of Indonesia to the other, to visit UNICEF programme activities, support related advocacy through public engagements and help open doors to influential partners who can further help achieving results for children.


Ferry participated in a vaccination drive to eliminate polio, educated young people about HIV prevention, and advocated for ‘breastfeeding-fathers’, emphasizing the importance of support by family members for breastfeeding mothers.


Most recently he has lent his star power and energy to raise awareness on violence against children in Indonesia. (



On the occasion of his 10th anniversary as UNICEF Indonesia Goodwill Ambassador in 2014, Ferry Salim said: “Over the past decade many children in Indonesia have grown out of poverty. They now have much greater opportunities to learn and live a healthy life than previous generations. However, for many not much has changed. I love to support UNICEF because together we can make a real difference for all those children who are still excluded from our country’s enormous progress.”


“Working with UNICEF has allowed me to experience and see the tangible difference we can make together. It’s rewarding for me to know that I can personally contribute to improving the lives of Indonesian children through my support of UNICEF,” he added.




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