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Partners in Indonesia

Partnership with UNICEF Indonesia

UNICEF works with a wide range of partners in Indonesia - some examples are included in the links below, but this is far from being an exhaustive list.

We collaborate very closely with the Government of Indonesia – at national level and with its representatives at provincial and district level – to manage our overall work for women and children in Indonesia in support of the government's national development plan. This includes providing advice and guidance on how to strengthen policies and improve standards of services, and raising awareness within government on where child rights are not being fully upheld and where more inputs or resources are needed.

We work with civil society groups – such as faith-based organizations and community networks – to take advantage of their ability to reach out and influence others especially at grassroots level, and where their potential to advocate for child rights is substantial.

We partner with academic organizations, using the skills and expertise of high calibre institutions to provide better data and understanding of issues affecting women and children, and to raise technical standards amongst practitioners.

We engage with the private sector to benefit from their technical know-how and entrepreneurship to test innovative ways of improving services for the most vulnerable mothers and children, as well as to raise much-needed funds to support our work.

And we work with other specialist agencies, including those of the United Nations, donor agencies, and non-governmental organizations to help deliver programmes for children together and to ensure a range of skills and resources benefit children.



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