Addressing nutrition vulnerability in infants under six months in Indonesia

A call to transform care for at-risk mothers and infants

A baby smiling


In Indonesia, infants below six months of age are confronted with a significant prevalence of undernutrition, low birth weight, and prematurity, compounded by poor maternal nutrition and adolescent pregnancies.

This UNICEF report offers a review of the management of nutritionally at-risk mothers and infants below six months in Indonesia, focusing on current healthcare system practices.

The report reveals deficiencies in screening for nutrition risks and follow-up procedures, particularly post-discharge care for at-risk groups.

To mitigate these challenges, the report advocates for several measures, including strengthening maternal nutrition programs, integrating comprehensive data collection for infants under six months into national surveys, updating healthcare guidelines, enhancing the role of Community Health Workers in caring for these vulnerable population groups, and improving care linkages between hospital and community settings.

The recommendations of this report are significant for policymakers, healthcare providers, and public health professionals in Indonesia. The findings highlight the need for a more integrated approach to addressing the nutrition needs of infants and their mothers in Indonesia.

UNICEF Indonesia & UNICEF East Asia Pacific Regional Office
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