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Canada joins hands with Bappenas, UNFPA and UNICEF to launch new initiative on reproductive health and gender equality in Indonesia
Child marriage and gender-based violence are biggest threat to the welfare of women and girls

Sulawesi Earthquake & Tsunami: One month on from the disaster, thousands of children still homeless, out-of-school and in need of humanitarian support
Almost one month after a deadly earthquake and tsunami struck Palu and the surrounding areas of the northwestern part of Sulawesi, Indonesia, an estimated 375,000 children remain in need of lifesaving supplies and services.

UNICEF announces arrival of education materials for Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami affected communities
16 October 2018 – Today UNICEF announced the arrival of 30 tonnes of emergency education materials including 65 tents (for temporary classrooms) from its supply base in Dubai in direct support to the Ministry of Education and Culture’s earthquake...

UNICEF appeals for US$26.6 million to support emergency response and early recovery for children in Sulawesi and Lombok
11 October 2018 – Today UNICEF launched a combined emergency and recovery appeal to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of children in the aftermath of the Sulawesi and Lombok disasters over a period of 6 months.

UNICEF and the Government identify separated and unaccompanied children in tsunami affected areas
JAKARTA, 5 October 2018: UNICEF and a team of social workers from the Ministry of Social Affairs have started the identification of separated and unaccompanied children. There are no official figures, but first reports indicate a high number...

UNICEF is concerned for safety of thousands of children following Sulawesi tsunami
Jakarta, 1 October 2018 – Three days after the earthquake that shook the island of Sulawesi and the devastating tsunami that swept through Palu City, UNICEF says the situation for tens of thousands of children remains extremely precarious...



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