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UNICEF Indonesia and Bank Muamalat team up to raise fund for children

Jakarta, 29 April 2013 – UNICEF Indonesia today received a major private sector boost with the partnership with Bank Muamalat and its Muamalat Berbagi Rezeki campaign. The funds raised will be used to support an integrated Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme.

The partnership will allow the general public to make donations starting 29 April to 28 February 2014 through Bank Muamalat banking services such as ATM, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and other available electronic means.

For every transaction during the campaign period, Bank Muamalat will donate Rp. 100 to UNICEF Indonesia. As a sign of goodwill and commitment to the cause of Indonesian children, Bank Muamalat will also make a significant amount of donation to UNICEF regardless of the amount of funds customers donate.

“The partnership with Bank Muamalat is a major breakthrough that enables the public to support our programmes without directly donating themselves,“ says UNICEF Indonesia Country Representative Angela Kearney. “I have confidence that this partnership will yield the desired results, contribute to national development and have a lasting impact on our communities,” she added.

Global research indicates that a lack of comprehensive early childhood services have layered consequences, such as lower capacity for children to finish school, higher rate of repeating a school year and primary school drop outs, increased tendency to commit crime in adulthood, as well as lower future income.

Of the 32 million Indonesian children aged 0-6 years, more than a third (around 20 million children) does not receive any early stimulation services. Half of those with access to the services live in urban areas – a true testament of the existing disparity between the urban and rural populations.

Public awareness of the importance of comprehensive and integrated early childhood services are still relatively low, partly due to the government’s strong focus on the compulsory 9-year basic education. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with the private sector in order to develop quality human resources in Indonesia, which starts from the earliest age group possible.

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