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Hermawan Kartajaya appointed as UNICEF Indonesia Business Champion for Children

Jakarta, 13 December 2012 - UNICEF today announced the appointment of Hermawan Kartajaya as UNICEF Business Champion for Children. “Champions for Children” is a global community of respected global figures and UNICEF supporters striving to make a difference in a child’s life.

As a UNICEF Business Champion for Children, he will demonstrate his active commitment to promoting the rights of children in the business world by raising awareness about the many serious issues affecting children and encouraging business leaders to adopting child-friendly business practices.

"A business that integrates respect and support for children rights into its strategy and operations generates benefits for children, society; and in return generate real benefits for business as well – as the children are the future customers, employees and investors, " said UNICEF Indonesia Country Representative, Ms. Angela Kearney. "He is a great addition to the UNICEF family and we warmly welcome him."

Throughout his career, Hermawan Kartajaya has exhibited a commitment to working with children and women. He has been actively engaged in humanitarian work for the past eight years. Also noteworthy is his “Celebrities for Kids” initiative, where he successfully persuaded eighty celebrities and a thousand business people to take part in an event to benefit children on 22 December 2004.

While addressing an audience of thousands at a MarkPlus conference, Mr. Kartajaya said that, the protection of children and ensuring their optimal development was everyone’s responsibility.

"The protection of children, and particularly the disadvantaged, can only be adequately addressed with the heightened consciousness of each citizen. The business community can also contribute positively to ensuring the fulfillment of children’s rights and be a powerful force for change - through strategic community investment and the use of their influence and advocacy in support of children’s rights.” said Hermawan Kartajaya.

"Children are everyone's business. All children deserve a chance to learn and grow, to better understand the world and each other, and to reach their highest potential," he added.

Hermawan Kartajaya has earned a powerful reputation as a marketing guru. He was born in Surabaya, and started his career as a teacher. Mr. Kartajaya was appointed as a member of the UNICEF Indonesia Corporate Advisory Council in 2004. The Corporate Advisory Council provides advice on private sector alliances to UNICEF Country Office, with a view to mobilizing resources which benefit children and women in Indonesia.

The appointment of Hermawan Kartajaya, as a Business Champion for Children, today promises to further broaden UNICEF's outreach to the business community in Indonesia. He intends to be active on many levels, and UNICEF Indonesia is proud to include him amongst its key partners in the private sector



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