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Indomaret and UNICEF to help create best possible start in life for Indonesian children

Handover Indomaret donation
© UNICEF/2012/Klavert

Following the successful customer fundraising initiative between Indomaret and UNICEF launched earlier this year to help tackle malnutrition amongst children, the two partners are proud to announce an expansion of their joint initiative until the end of the year.

Between October and December 2012, Indomaret again makes it possible for its customers to donate their small change for Indonesian children. All funds raised will support early childhood development programmes supported by UNICEF.

For children, the first six years define the foundations for their physical, mental, social and emotional growth. In order to fully realize their potential, comprehensive, integrated services that give them the best start in life are essential – starting from their time in the womb. These services include health care (such as immunization, clean water, sanitation and growth monitoring), balanced nutrition, child protection, and early age stimulation appropriate for their psychosocial development.

Studies have shown that a lack of these early childhood services can lead to irreversible consequences which affect children at a later age. Some of these consequences include worse performance in primary school, lower rate of school enrollment, higher rates of school dropout, as well as lower future income.

When a nation invests in early childhood care programmes a 7-fold return in benefits can be expected – particularly if the focus is on poor communities. The implementation of early childhood development can result in long term savings in education, health, and unemployment subsidies.

Out of the 32 million children aged up to 6 years in Indonesia, only around 1 in 4 have access to early childhood stimulation. That means more than 20 million Indonesian children still growing up without any integrated and comprehensive care, representing missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential.

Through the generosity of its customers, Indomaret is helping bring early childhood development to children who are still missing out on this critical care in their early years. The fundraising programme will be available in all Indomaret outlets, allowing customers to play their part in creating a better future for Indonesia.



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