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Update on Myanmar

Following inter-community violence in western Myanmar, which initially affected some 100,000 people, UNICEF is providing humanitarian assistance to support women and children amongst the estimated 68,500 people who remain internally displaced and living in temporary camps as well as those living in affected townships. The State Health Department is providing high energy biscuits supported by UNICEF to children aged between 6 months and 5 years of age, and to pregnant and breastfeeding women who come to clinics.

UNICEF has supplied Ready to Use Therapeutic Food to start Outpatient Therapeutic Feeding in some of the camps. Micronutrient tablets for pregnant and breastfeeding women and micronutrient "sprinkles" for under-5 children have also been distributed with the support of UNICEF. UNICEF is also supporting the costs of government health staff to travel to camps in the affected areas. Water, sanitation and hygiene issues continue to be a major concern as the monsoon rains worsened the already poor sanitation conditions in the camps.

With support from UNICEF, the local Department of Health has distributed additional bleaching powder and Water Guard to treat water sources and household drinking water in five camps in the affected locations. UNICEF, through a local partner, has constructed 150 temporary sanitary latrines in 50 camps in the affected locations, and is supporting another partner to carry out solid waste/drainage management at camp sites as well as distributing lime powder to prevent breeding of flies and rats. While many children and teachers have stopped going to schools because of safety concerns, where classes are functioning UNICEF will be providing school supplies.



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