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Outstanding Leaders Honoured at National Children’s Day

© UNICEF/2011
The 2011 Indonesian Young Leaders posed with the Minister of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection and UNICEF Representative in Indonesia

JAKARTA, 23 July 2011 —  Today, six young Indonesians who have been active in promoting children’s rights were honoured today by the Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection at the prestigious annual Young Leaders Awards supported by UNICEF at XXI Lounge, Plaza Senayan.

The time has come again for outstanding leaders to take the centre stage and be honoured for their outstanding work. The awards were designed to celebrate youth achievement, leadership and encourage young Indonesian to commit in the pursuit of equitable child rights and to become engaged citizens.   

The Young Leader title is a tribute to the children and young people for their leadership talent and efforts to promote children's rights among peers and society. This award aims to give recognition for achievement, leadership talent and effort of Indonesian children in promoting child's rights and encourage them to become active citizens. This is in line with the mandate of the Convention on the Rights of the Child has been ratified by Indonesia, especially regarding the right to participate.

The Ministry and UNICEF are making synergised efforts to connect with each and every young people possible across the country to file in their nominations for these prestigious Awards.

Nitia Agustini Kalau Ayu, from Mataram in West Nusa Tenggara province, Wanda Leksmana, a student from  Padang, West Sumatra province, and Erma Setyo Wienari, from Yogyakarta province were the  award recipients this year, having demonstrated dedication, influence and innovation in raising awareness and pushing for social change in their schools and local communities through their participation in children’s forums.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Adam Syaifullah from Samarinda, East Kalimantan was awarded for the Environment category, the Prasetya Lanang Made from Gianyar, Bali for the category of marginal groups, and Yesika Novita latitude Gumilang from Probolinggo in Gender category. Three new categories introduced this year with the goal of providing greater opportunities for young people who have worked hard and dedicated despite facing many obstacles.

“Child participation is integral to child rights. We know that there are extraordinary young people across the country that express themselves, and contribute to their communities and making a difference in their families, and their communities,” said Her Excellency Linda Amalia Sari, Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection.

“These Awards are an acknowledgement of the efforts that children make every day for their country and their fellow peers,” said UNICEF Indonesia Representative Angela Kearney. “Participation is beneficial to the child’s personal development and self-fulfillment.  By participating, children develop their skills, build competencies, form aspirations, gain self-confidence, and attain valuable resources to deal with their own lives and engage in society.”

A total of 221 children were nominated by civil society groups, local government authorities or by the children themselves. The judging panel included representatives of non-governmental organizations concerned with child rights, government agencies and UNICEF, as well as Andra, a former award winner in 2006.

The annual awards are supported by Bank CIMB Niaga, as part of its commitment to helping UNICEF’s work with children and young people in Indonesia.

At the same time, the Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection is recognizing outstanding leaders in local government who goes beyond what is expected to support child friendly cities across the country.  The 13 regencies awarded are areas that have specific policies and programmes that supports child friendly cities.  These areas are expected to be an example for other areas in Indonesia to look critically at how children’s rights are fulfilled.

Other awards were also presented to 34 mayors and district heads that issues specific local decrees establishing free birth registration in their areas. The recognition comes as part of central government efforts to encourage local authorities to include child protection issues, including free birth registration, in their development plans.


Background on winners of the 2011 Indonesia Young Leaders Awards

Nitia Agustini Kalau Ayu, age 16, is from Mataram in West Nusa Tenggara province.

Wanda Leksmana, age 16, is a student at SMA Negeri 12, in Padang, West Sumatra province,

Erma Setyo Wienari, age 17, Yogyakarta province.




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