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A partnership to save lives

JAKARTA, 3 December, 2008 - Up to 4.8 million Indonesian children currently need immunization against deadly diseases like measles, polio, hepatitis and diphtheria. But for just US$2.5 million, every one of them could be given the injections they need for lifelong protection. That’s why today, UNICEF kicked off ‘A Partnership to Save Lives’ – the biggest fundraising campaign of its kind ever staged in Indonesia.

Bringing together celebrities, Government and corporate partners and the media at Grand Indonesia’s Blitz Megaplex theatre centre, the launch was an opportunity to talk about the importance of immunization to children’s health, and appeal directly to the community for their support in stamping out preventable diseases like tetanus and polio.

UNICEF Representative Gianfranco Rotigliano was joined by UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Ferry Salim in launching the campaign, which will utilize TV, radio, SMS and the Internet to connect with donors across Indonesia. As part of the event, the pair announced the world premiere of Setinggi Mimpi Mereka (‘As High As Their Dreams’), a special song written by famous Indonesian composer Yovie Widianto to support UNICEF’s fundraising efforts.

More than a dozen of Indonesia’s most popular singers donated their time to record the track, including Michael Modede, Titi DJ, Yunika, Christopher Abimanyu and Ruth Sahanaya. Many of the singers also came along to the launch to show their support for children’s health and lend their voices to the call for people to give generously. 

The launch was also well attended by representatives from some of Indonesia’s biggest companies, including Super Indo supermarkets, BCA, HSBC and others. The corporate sector has already given generous support for the campaign, with donations totaling more than Rp2 billion (US$183,000). Major donors include:

  • Sogo Department Stores       Rp150 million (US$13,000)
  • BCA                                     Rp750 million (US$68,000)
  • HSBC                                   Rp150 million (US$13,000)
  • Fitness First Indonesia           Rp23 million   (US$2000)
  • Alfamart                               Rp100 million (US$9000)
  • Super Indo                            Rp850 million (US$78,000)
  • Hepi Golf                              Rp125 million (US$11,000)

National mobile companies Three, XL, Indosat and Bakrie Telecom will also give their support to the campaign by allowing subscribers to donate to UNICEF through their SMS networks. 

The launch was covered in both national and local media, making immunization a major topical issue. Journalists from more than 50 news agencies attended, including the Jakarta Post, Kompas and Rakyat Merdeka newspapers, and the RCTI, TransTV, Metro and Indosair TV networks. Special appearances by celebrities and UNICEF advocates on national radio and TV throughout the coming months will also help keep this issue alive and encourage more public donations.

Raising US$2.5 million in a country like Indonesia is no small feat. But December’s successful campaign launch showed that there are many companies, celebrities and individuals all willing to do their bit to make this happen. With their support, and the support of the wider community, we can make universal immunization a reality to build a safer, healthier future for Indonesia’s children.  

For futher information, please contact Liem Ay Ling at +62 21 570 5816 ext. 331




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