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Pendekar Anak Call to Create Best Possible Future for Indonesian Children

© UNICEF/2009/Josh
Country Representative Angela Kearney and Ferry Salim at the launch.

JAKARTA, 24 November, 2009 — A batik designer, a film star, a housewife, a singer, a badminton athlete and local business leaders may not always be found side by side - but today, a common desire to create a bright future for Indonesian children brought these people together.

Under the banner of Pendekar Anak - or  Champions for Children – people from all walks of life demonstrated how such a motivation can change lives - and called on other Indonesians to join them, by becoming partners with UNICEF, which for 60 years has been working with children across this vast

 “Pendekar Anak urges us to seek out what each of us, regardless of who we are, or what we do normally in life, can do to change the lives of children in Indonesia,” said Angela Kearney, Representative of UNICEF Indonesia.

Launching the new initiative today, actor Ferry Salim was joined by a host of children's champions - including songwriting housewife Mimi Hasan, badminton player Taufik Hidayat, batik designer KRT Daud Wiryo Hadinagoro, and other volunteers who all use their spare time and passion for children to support UNICEF and improve children's lives. Whether through raising funds, engaging others in discussion on child rights, encouraging others to make donations or offering services to help UNICEF these champions embody the spirit of Pendekar Anak. The new campaign centres around a website, unveiled today at, which provides a wide range of opportunities to enable people to take action for children and become part of a growing family of 'Champions'. The message underlying the campaign is that anyone who believes in a bright future for children can do something today – and the first step is as simple as logging on to the new site.

© UNICEF/2009/Josh
Singer Nina Tamani donates a song.

Demonstrating the wide range of things that can be done to draw attention to the needs of children, Ferry Salim modelled a shirt designed by Musa, the chairperson of the Jakarta Fashion Week,  Nina Tamam from Warna pop group performed her hit song while housewife Mimi Hasan also presented songs which she composed. Taufik Hidayat demonstrated his sporting skills and other volunteer Champions shared their personal experiences of taking action for children.

"We are honoured to have such wonderful Pendekar Anak promoting the rights of children today," said Ms Kearney. "Every child needs a champion to help ensure they get the best education, enjoy good health and are protected in today's society - we hope that the examples shown today will inspire others to make their contribution, in any way they can, to building the best possible future for Indonesian children."

NOTES FOR THE EDITOR  Other pendekar anak honored at the launch:

  1. Mr. Anton Gunawan – an enterpreneur and amateur photographer from Bandung, West Java
  2. Mr. Ugreseno  and Ms. Tiara Putri – Young volunteers
  3. Ms. Yuliana – a Graphic Designer
  4. Mr. Arumdita Prasakti and Bagus – a representative of AXIC (Avanza Xenia Indonesia Club) Community
  5. Mr. Han Yong – the Director of Erafone
  6. Mr. Gunawan Wijaya or Guni – a manager of a pop singer
  7. Mr. Sogi Indra Dhuaja – Comedian, Radio Presenter
  8. Mr. Ferry Salim – actor and presenter
  9. Indonesia's biggest online community is helping promote the website





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