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Children in a Changing Climate

Fatimah Hurrin: I’m actively campaigning on climate justice issues.
Children in a Changing Climate/2016/Yoppy Pieter


Indonesia is a diverse country home to more than 237 million people. Because almost a third of its
inhabitants are under age 18, having children and youth engaged in shaping Indonesia’s future is critical for maintaining Indonesia’s proud traditions, cultural history and rich biodiversity. Nowhere is youth engagement more important for Indonesia’s future than in its response to climate change, disasters and environmental degradation.

Children are impacted most from hunger and  malnourishment during floods and droughts. They breathe at twice the rate of adults, so they are most at risk of respiratory disease as air pollution worsens. Children already often suffer from poor mental and physical developments that can occur from increased instances of malaria, dengue fever, diarrhoea and pneumonia.

As climate change exacerbates harmful conditions for children, it is imperative to understand and respond to their experiences for a healthy, safe and vibrant future in Indonesia.

Youth know this. Across the country, they are standing up and saying they want to be part of urgent and innovative solutions. They have stories to tell and want them to be heard—by their peers, parents, community leaders and government decision-makers. Young people are ready to raise their voices on climate change, disaster risk and related issues of child rights, health and wellbeing.

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