30 years of the CRC


World Children’s Day is UNICEF’s annual day of action for children, by children. 

This year is extra special as it marks 30 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child – 30 years of child rights that have helped transform children’s lives around the world. 

A time to celebrate and a time to demand action. Children are telling us, loud and clear: it is time for every child, to have every right. 

Join us in the celebration of World Children's Day!


Youth Participation

World Children’s Day – celebrated globally on 20 November every year – is a day of action for children, by children, which gives children the space to make their voices heard on issues they care about. In Indonesia, UNICEF used our polling platform UReport to reach out to over 2,000 young people across the country to ask their opinions on some of the most pressing issues.

Children and young people from the Indonesian child forum also took part in workshops and discussions over the past few months to learn about child rights and build confidence in raising their voices and speaking out.

On the 18th and 19th November, the weeks of national consultations culminated in a child summit, organized by the Province of Central Java, in which 150 young people developed a set of 12 dreams, aspirations and asks. These were then presented at an event held on 20th November, 2019, in front of government officials including the Minister of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection.

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Young people discuss child rights at the Youth Summit on 19 November 2019

CRC@30 Event in Solo

Standing up for their rights

Children and young people called for greater child representation at all levels of policy and decision-making in Indonesia on World Children's Day 2019. The 12-point children’s statement, which was read in front of a large audience, was crafted during a child summit organized by the Province of Central Java earlier this week, during which 150 children and young people from across the province discussed and debated the issues that most matter to them and their peers around the country.

In their statement, they expressed their hopes for a world where every child has a legal identity, there is no more child marriage, and corruption is eliminated so that all resources can be used for the fulfilment of child rights. Among their asks were for all children to enjoy safe and clean water, and protection for children with disabilities, those in contact with the law, victims of violence, conflicts and disasters. They also committed, on behalf of all children in Indonesia, to become more creative, innovative and global minded, and to be the solution for the future.

Young people read out their 12 point declaration of hopes, dreams and asks to government officials and UNICEF Representative Debora Comini on World Children's Day 2019
CRC Articles on a tree

Children attached messages of hopes and aspirations for the future to a tree planted in Jayawijaya park in Solo on World Children's Day.

CRC@30 Monument

A monument, designed by children from the child forum in Solo, was unveiled at the ceremony to celebrate 20 years of the CRC. The monument is in the centre of the Jayawijaya park, which has been established especially for all children in Solo by the city mayor.

Youth Competition

#IniSuaraku #DukungHakAnak

In celebration of World Children's Day which coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF Indonesia held an online competition #IniSuaraku #DukungHakAnak, as a platform for youth in Indonesia to express their aspirations to UNICEF Indonesia and to the nation's leaders through visuals and texts on social media.

In response to the open letter wrote by UNICEF Executive Director, Henrietta Fore, entitled "8 Reasons Why I’m Worried, and Hopeful, about the Next Generation", youth in Indonesia were asked to share their opinion through their works that were submitted on U-Report



U-Report winner 1

We received submissions from all around Indonesia and chose 8 winners, one in each category. The winning work was displayed during the World Children's Day celebrations in Solo, Central Java as well as published on UNICEF Indonesia's social media accounts.  

See all the winning entries here:

U-Report competition winners

U-Report winner 2

Watch message for World Children's Day from children, Dian Sastro, and UNICEF Indonesia National Ambassadors: Ferry Salim and Nicholas Saputra.