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Meet the strong girls from Bihar who have worked against all odds to become sports champions

Young sport champions from Bihar
08 March 2021

Meet 20-year old Amrita Raj

"Initially girls did not come for Karate, they used to think that this is not a sport for girls, but after seeing me here, gradually more and more girls started joining. Later I also got support from my family and teachers.   

Now I am training kids in Karate. Its only due to Karate that I got my admission in B.Sc. (Nursing) through Sports Quota."

Amrita Raj is part of Kilkari initiative in Bihar.

Kilkari is the state `Bal Bhawan’ set up by the Human Resources Education Department in different states. Supported by UNICEF, Kilkari was started in 2008 and is funded by the Government of Bihar.

Young sport champions from Bihar

Meet 18-year-old Chandni Khatoon

"When I told my mother that I have to go out to play, she declined and said that you can play only in Kilkaari and did not allow me to go out to play.   

"My mother was happy when I returned with the award. She then permitted me to go out and play."   

Kilkaari has given us lots of support and scholarship. Finally, my mother agreed and permitted me to go out to play. " 

Kilkari works with children in the  age group of 8 to 16 years.

The programme aims at developing creativity and confidence among children through training in co-curricular activities like fine arts, performing arts, craft, creative writing and sports. 

Young sports champions from Bihar

Meet 21-year-old Komal Kumari

"The society which I come from does not allow girls to play wrestling. Girls can do better than boys, they can reach any level, they can do something."

The different co-curricular programmes in Kilkari  provide children with a platform to interact, experiment, create, perform and contribute according to their age, aptitude and ability.

Young sport champions from Bihar

Meet 17-year-old Pinly Kumari

"When I had to go to Manipur to play at National level, my mother agreed but my father was not ready initially. When I started winning matches then my mother and father said that you are the pride of the family."

The majority of children enrolled in Kilkari are from the most marginalized sections of society. Kilkari is actively engaged in promoting children’s rights, especially child participation, in close collaboration with UNICEF and other key stakeholders in Bihar. 

Young sport champions from Bihar

Meet 17-year-old Pooja Kumari

"When I started playing, my mother, father and others in the society objected saying that its not meant for girls. But I stood for myself and decided that I have to do it and move ahead. Kilkaari helped me in building my confidence. When I returned after playing at National level, everyone praised me a lot.   

When I returned with third prize at the national level, then everyone in family, society and school was very happy | This made me feel that I can do a lot in future. 

UNICEF has been part of Kilkari’s journey since its inception. Over the years, Kilkari has emerged as an institute of excellence in Bihar.