UNICEF does not endorse conclusions of the brief

At the moment, this report will not be publicly available


Regarding the “Implication of the POCSO Act in India on Adolescent Sexuality”, a policy brief published by Enfold, UNFPA, and UNICEF

In 2022, Enfold, with support from UNICEF and UNFPA, authored a policy brief that studies the implications of the age of consent on adolescents’ rights under national and international human rights law. The document was developed through an examination of legal standards, empirical studies, judicial precedents, and discussions with stakeholders and is a single data point in the ongoing complex legal and policy discussions on this important issue, and this research provides a valuable perspective to further inform the debate.

Further, in light of important issues and perspectives that have been raised by stakeholders, we further recognize the need to review the conclusions of the report including the need to fully and comprehensively include an analysis of NCRB and other data on this issue and further engage with stakeholders and partners.

At the moment, this report will not be publicly available.

UNICEF does not endorse any representation or portrayal of the conclusions of the brief as the official UNICEF position.

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