Social and Behaviour Change Gender Progress Report- 2021

The continuous push to deliver on various fronts – COVID-19-specific programming and our development programming – amidst the pandemic in 2021 was not easy. But deliver – we believe C4D did – and extensively too

Social and Behaviour Change Gender Progress Report


SBC is a cross-sectoral strategy of UNICEF. In UNICEF India's Country Programme Action Plan for 2018-2022, SBC is integrated within programme outcomes and is accountable for seven outputs within six outcomes and reports against 25 indicators. SBC's programme design is based on the SBCC – Gender Strategy of UNICEF India.

The Strategy includes six pillars: system strengthening, capacity development, building social capital, platforms and mega-partnerships for at-scale and convergent SBCC programming, targeted SBCC campaigns, evidence generation, and knowledge management.

The year 2021 was an interesting year for C4D. The continuous push to deliver on various fronts – COVID-19-specific programming and our development programming – amidst the pandemic was not easy. This was coupled with the fatigue, stress and motivation of the team in programming in a largely virtual environment. But deliver – we believe we did – and extensively too.

The C4D team with our partners continued to innovate focusing on bringing convergence between emergency and development
programming – which we still learn and carry as we move into 2022. Amidst the RCCE response, our team was involved in contributing to the SBC global shift narrative – with a strong Behavioural Science lens, which we have initiated and strive to expand in 2022 and beyond. 

This annual Progress Report is divided into our ICO C4D-Programme outputs in Health, Nutrition, WASH, Child Protection and Programme Effectiveness and the exclusive RCCE output. It is important to state the challenges and lessons learnt as much as the achievements and to take this forward into 2022. And what better way to demonstrate the work than through the ‘human lens’ – in the form of case studies in each section. We hope you enjoy reading this report as much as we enjoyed writing our narrative for this interesting year. 

Thanks to our programme colleagues – without whom we could not have achieved the results.

Onwards and upwards!

Siddartha Shrestha
Chief, Social and Behaviour Change, UNICEF India

Social and Behaviour Change Gender Progress Report- 2021
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