The Case for Investing in Children for Inclusive Economic Growth

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Online Safety for Children and Adolescents


The following paper was prepared by UNICEF India in preparation for a high-level T20 panel in Bhopal in January 2023. Think20 (T20) is an official Engagement Group of the G20 (Group of Twenty intergovernmental forum).

Think20 (T20) is an official Engagement Group of the G20 (Group of Twenty intergovernmental forum). The T20 Inception Conference 12-13 January 2023, New Delhi, will be the first of the key T20 Convenings under India’s G20 Presidency and will lay the groundwork for what Think20 India aims to achieve during the year.1

T20 serves as an “idea bank” for the G20 by bringing together think tanks and high-level experts to discuss policy issues relevant to the G20. T20 recommendations are synthesised into policy briefs and presented to G20 working groups, ministerial meetings, and leaders’ summit to help the G20 deliver concrete policy measures.2

A T20 Policy Brief aims to be a crisp research output that outlines the rationale for adopting a particular policy alternative. UNICEF India is submitting various policy brief proposals, the details of which can be downloaded from the report .

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