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UNICEF hosts ‘C8’ Summit in Scotland

13 July 2005

Last week, when world leaders met at the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland to discuss issues ranging from trade to child poverty, they had at their disposal a list of recommendations on those issues from the world’s children.

The recommendations were the result of the first-ever C8 Children’s Forum, which was hosted by UNICEF in nearby Dunblane.

The Children’s Forum brought together children from around the world – from eight of the world’s poorest countries and from eight of the world’s richest – to discuss ways G8 leaders can address global children’s issues.

Scottish actor and UNICEF UK Goodwill Ambassador Ewan McGregor kicked off the Summit, and Scottish First Minister Jack McConnell attended.

Throughout the three-day forum, the young people candidly discussed the toughest issues that many children face, from poverty and poor access to education, to HIV/AIDS and the exploitation of child labor.

At the end of the conference, the children – representing millions of their peers throughout the world – presented their list of recommendations to G8 leaders.

“We live in a world where some people have an incredible amount of opportunity… and other people have so very, very little, and that is dramatically unfair,” Mr. McConnell said. “The leaders of the most powerful countries who've come to our country have a chance to do something about that.”

And thanks to the C8 Children’s Summit, for the first time, that opportunity was guided by recommendations from the children themselves.

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Scottish actor and UNICEF UK Goodwill Ambassador Ewan McGregor opened the C8 Children's Forum.
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Scottish actor and UNICEF UK Goodwill Ambassador Ewan McGregor opened the C8 Children's Forum.

Video: UNICEF correspondent Thomas Nybo reports on the C8 Children's Forum
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