UNICEF in action

By focusing on the most deprived and hardest to reach, UNICEF can achieve the greatest impact on the survival and wellbeing of children.

A six-month old child with his mother

The challenge

Far too many of the world’s most vulnerable children miss out on essential vaccines.

They are denied their fair chance at a healthy life because they are not immunized. The poorest and most marginalized children are consistently neglected, increasing their risk of contracting life-threatening diseases. Many of these children live in countries affected by conflict, in urban slums or in hard to reach remote areas.   


A volunteer standing in a street
Children falling through the cracks in Manila’s slums
A nurse administering a shot to a baby
Revolutionary technology for lifesaving vaccine deliveries

The Solution

Dollar for dollar, investing in the health of children who live in the poorest communities saves almost twice as many lives as do equivalent investments in non-poor communities. Therefore, if priority is given to the poorest and most disadvantaged communities, UNICEF can achieve the greatest impact.

Over the next years, UNICEF will emphasize reaching the most disadvantaged children with life-saving immunization services.

UNICEF will:

  • Support stronger immunization programmes that can identify and prioritize marginalized and underserved communities
  • Strengthen the front-line immunization workforce to reach these communities
  • Utilize and scale up the most appropriate technology to expand the reach of  immunization programmes
  • Engage with communities on their values and demand for quality vaccination services
  • Put more emphasis on reaching mothers and adolescents with immunization
  • Support initiatives that optimize waste management and use environmental-friendly products. These strengthen energy sustainably along the cold chain by supporting the replacement of absorption fridges with solar technology

With this combined effort and coordination, UNICEF and partners can help transform the world into a place where every child and every woman can realize the right to immunization, especially the most disadvantaged.

Take action

Every child has the right to a fair chance in life. Your donations can help UNICEF and our partners make a difference in the lives of children around the world.