Maputaland Community Radio

Maputaland Community Radio is a 24-hour station whose programming includes shows on community health around the prevention of HIV/AIDS and shows produced for youth audiences. In 2007 they won the national award for Best South African Community Radio and in 2008 they won the award for the best Community Health programming amongst community radio stations. The listenership of the radio station is in the region of 131,000.

Zisize (Ingwavuma) Educational Trust (programme producer) is a non-profit organization based in Ingwavuma, KwaZuluNatal, South Africa - not far from Maputaland Community Radio.  Zisize provides holistic care and support to children through working with local primary and high schools where a range of projects are run; with the purpose of supporting children to stay in school and reach their potential.

ICDB Programme
For its ICDB activity, Maputaland Community Radio Station presented "Boys Are...Girls Are," a three-hour presentation produced by Zisize that involved 13 youth presenters.  The program featured news bulletins that were researched, compiled and read by children.  The young people introduced the theme of the day and had introductory discussions on the history of the ICDB.  Interviews were conducted with Chief Mthembu of Tembe tribe, Mayor of Big Five False Bay Minipality Mr. C.T. Khumalo and the manager of the radio station.

There was a studio discussion between six children about how boys and girls are perceived in the community, as well as phone-in segments, poetry readings and musical breaks.

In addition to the live presention, there were also pre-recorded vox pop segments covering topics such as chores for boys and girls, treating boys and girls the same and asking adults about the differences and preferential treatment of boys versus girls.  Radio diaries shared the lives of both a 12-year old boy and a rural girl and the chores they each must do. There was also a pre-recorded segment on virginity testing.

Almost 40 children worked on this program by preparing questions, recording interviews and engaging in group discussions about gender differences in society.

Approach to Children and Children's Programming
Zisize’s child participatory radio project began in 2005 and has trained over 50 children in radio production skills. The children call themselves the Abaqophi BaKwaZisize Abakhanyayo (The Shining Recorders of Zisize). The purpose of the project is to enable children's voices to be heard through the children producing radio diaries about their own lives and other radio documentaries about issues of interest to them and problems affecting them as children growing up in the region. The project is a collaboration between Zisize, The Children's Institute (University of Cape Town), Okhayeni and Ntabayengwe Primary Schools and Radio Workshop.   Maputaland Community Radio is the official broadcaster of the project.