Salamat Radio

Radio Salamat is a reference and pioneering media in the area of individual and social health following Iran's cultural, geographical and historical requirements and guided by ethics as well as Islamic and national values.

Its mission is to research, design, plan and produce programmes focusing on health issues related to individuals and the society, which includes considering citizens' growing needs.  All programmes are produced within the framework of the organization with a strategic view on the national programmes for development of health and Iran’s 20-year perspective document.

ICDB Programme
For its ICDB show, "My Child," Salamat Radio produced a special ten-minute segment that focused on children and their impressions of what they should be allowed to do as girls and boys, as well as their perceptions of their mothers and fathers.

Approach to Children and Children's Programming
One of the most important functions of the media is to support the process of building culture.  The main approach of Radio Salamat is to manifest children’s abilities in health practices and building a healthy world. It also seeks to empower children for tomorrow’s society considering the motto of “healthy human beings are at the center of sustainable development.”