All India Radio

All India Radio (AIR) is one of the largest radio networks in the world.  It has 232 broadcasting centers under the India Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.  The stationís broadcasts cover 91.79% of the geographical area, serving 99.14% of the population.  AIR broadcasts in 24 languages and 146 dialects.  News, music, and talk shows constitute the three major pillars of its programming.  The stations also have programmes that focus towards the youth.

All India Radio Gorakhpur was commissioned in 1972 and currently covers 10 eastern districts of the state of Uttar Pradesh with a listenership of over 10 million people.  A large percentage of its listenership comes from rural areas, including border areas of Nepal, which makes it one of the more important stations under the AIR banner. Known for its rural broadcasts, Nepali broadcasts and its emphasis on children's and women's programmes, the Gorakhpur station has won laurels for both its cultural contents and growth as a network.

ICDB Programme
For its ICDB activity, Air India devoted three hours of programming time to a special ICDB presentation "Joy-Live."  The presentation was a variety infotainment program for kids and youth in which complex problems in the society were presented in a child-friendly language.  The young people presented every part of the live show, from news reading, announcements and interviews to outside recordings, songs and dramas.

The drama features a young woman who wants to become an aeronautical engineer and fly a plane, despite the fact that she is female.  There are interviews with a magician, a boy who works to fight polio, a girl who is a black belt in martial arts and a testimonial from a young activist working to clean up garbage in the community.

Young people produced much of the show, including the interviews, the recordings and phone-in programs.  They were also involved in the script writing.

The ICDB activities lasted for a week, including organizing story and song competitions in schools.  More than 100 children from rural and urban areas were involved in the lead up and the final programme.

Approach to Children and Children's Programming
All India Radio broadcasts regular weekly shows for children and broadcasts additional educational programmes for children three times a week. 

Media has to play a vital role in dealing with youth and children as this age is a sensitive age, when the youth need a friend in which to confide.  By designing such programmes which include maximum participation of youth and children and ensuring the maximum interaction with them, the media can play the role of a friend, guide and philosopher.  The programmes should be entertaining as well as educative and informative.  They must have current issues appropriate to the targeted audiences. Youth should be trained for various broadcast activities so that they are able to convey their issues in their own way.

All India Radio provides media training to young announcers and presenters.  The training includes voice culture, presentation skills, script writing, interview skills, live show presentation skills, editing, mixing and digital recording.