Radio Beijing Corporation

Radio Beijing Corporation (RBC) is a state-owned radio station with independent transmission status.  Situated at No. 14 Jianwai Dajie in central Beijing, the radio station was formed on 2 February 1949 and currently employs a workforce of over 1300.  It has 9 open radio channels, 15 functional departments and a state-owned Beijing Broadcasting Company.

RBC has 9 open radio channels including Beijing News Radio (AM828, FM100.6), Beijing Public Service Radio (AM1026), Beijing Story Radio (AM603), Beijing Sports Radio (FM102.5), Beijing Music Radio (FM97.4), Beijing Entertainment Radio (FM87.6), Beijing Communication Radio (FM103.9), Radio 774 (AM774) and iHome Radio (A927).  At the same time, RBC has 15 cable FM channels and makes its 17 digital audio channels, 4 trial digital TV channels, 2 data service hcannels, 16 digital cable radio programmes and 1 music digital TV channel available on the digital platform of Beijing cable TV network. With radio broadcasting as the core business, RBC has become a comprehensive multi-media organization.  RBC carries out programme exchanges and cooperation with more than 30 radio stations at home and abroad, including dozens of leading media organizations from such countries as the US, UK Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Japan.

ICDB Programme
For its ICDB activity, RBC turned to its children’s program “Sky of Love Stars” with a special episode reflecting the ICDB theme, "We are Different, We are the Best."  The host of the show traveled to the countryside, mountains, earthquake-stricken areas, kindergartens and primary, middle and high schools.  In the distant and poor areas, the education of gender differences is far behind.  During the journey, host Xiaoyu interviewed nearly 500 girls and boys, asking their thoughts and bringing the youth to better know themselves and each other.

Approach to Children and Children's Programming
Sky of Love Stars is a daily 30-minute radio program for children, launched in 1994.  The theme of the program is LOVE. It encourages the participation of both the children and their parents. Love and beauty are passed to the children through stories, musicals, dramas, fairy tale plays, etc... The real meaning of love is absorbed by the love of one’s mother country, love of one’s parents and relatives, love of the society and nature and love of science and culture. It is also a place for the children to express themselves and communicate with their parents.
The segments include Love Stars’ Stage, a talent show for children, I Love our Mother Earth, about the environment and the promotion of environmentally friendly concepts, I Love Reading, about books and a communication platform for the children literature writers and the children, Xiaoyu Tells Stories, telling Chinese and foreign children’s stories, School Coverage, a look at colorful school life and activities, Children’s Ballad, an airing of newly-composed ballads, Intimate Communication, a topic segment for the children and their parents or teachers, Game Bus, a hotline to play games with children, I am Today’s Host, where children present and Children’s Express, a free talk time for children.
The program has spawned China’s first open recording studio outside the broadcasting station at China’s Youth Reading Experience World on Chang’an Street. It is named Xiaoyu’s Studio under the Sky of Love Stars. It is a space for children and their parents to participate in the program and tell about their happy experiences.