Ràdio SER Principat D'Andorra

Ràdio SER Principat D'Andorra is part of Prisa Group and shares programming with Spain’s Cadena SER.  It is a private station that does not have any public subsidy.  The programming done from Andorra has three bands: morning, noon and night.  In the morning, that station airs three informational programmes interspersed with the programming of Cadena SER Spain.  In the afternoon, it airs a programme for almost two hours with Andorran content.  The programme gives voice to different groups in the country, including young people.  At night, the station airs two more reports.

ICDB Programme
For its ICDB activity, Ràdio SER tailored its regular youth talk show, “IK+,” to reflect the ICDB theme.  For this show, the youth hosts debated the progress of gender equality, the challenges that remain in the world, the advances of education and the realities in Andorra and other countries.

Approach to Children and Children's Programming
Throughout the year, Ràdio SER Principat D'Andorra airs a programme called "Hira L."  Within that show, IK+ is aired once a week.  It is a 30 minute show produced and hosted by young people, ages 14 to 20 years, that discusses important issues of the day, such as labor and the future of the country, drugs, social networking and the rebellions of North Africa.

Ràdio SER Principat D'Andorra approaches youth and media being mindful of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Presentations for and treatment of children is always done from this point of view, to keep their protection in mind.  The station is sensitive to problems and concerns of children and youth and for this reason, tried to include them in all programme areas.

During the year, the station works with youth through different shows.  It organizes trainings for youth and opportunities to visit other radio stations.  The station also supports young students during the summer to teach them how to work in radio.