Step Television

Step FM and Step Television are community-based and privately owned radio stations. Their programming is positioned to positively impact and improve the lives of the common man and to be informative, educational and entertaining.  Step TV packages its programmes to suite the audience, i.e. people between the ages of 12-18 and 45 years of age.

ICDB Programme
For its ICDB activity, Step Television presented an hour long magazine show, "Cool Kids (Boys Are Girls Are)," that was hosted by youth from local schools. The show included interviews with students about gender issues and discrimination, interviews with teachers about the gender issues in education and a drama.  The drama, written and acted by primary school children, shows a girl who is discriminated against and overworked.  It is the students' representation of what the girl child goes through in Uganda and Africa at large. 

Approach to Children and Children's Programming
Stepís approach is to be as child-centered as possible.  It is essential that when trying to help children, we consider their opinions and not further marginalize them.  Research shows that when children do feature in the news, they are most often represented as victims.  Childrenís rights to privacy and dignity are often violated within the media, subjecting them to secondary trauma, and, often, contravening human rights standards.  Stem FM and TV handle youth and children as first-class citizens who deserve every right to be heard.    Therefore, Step TV dedicates two hours of programming to children and youth every Sunday.

The youth that participate in this weekly programme are also given media training.  They are trained mainly on the basics of radio and television presentation, productions skills, communication and interview skills and all that can help and aid them on handling the audience while they do their presentations.