Télévision Togolaise (TVT)

Télévision Togolaise (TVT)  is the national broadcaster of Togo and covers the entire country. It airs every day of the year from 7 am to midnight. It broadcasts a variety of shows, including news, fiction and documentary films, series, telenovelas, children's programmes, educational programmes in local languages, variety shows, etc.

A Nous La Planete has organized educational campaigns in quarters and villages surrounding the capital and has conducted a weekly children broadcasting show on Télévision Togolaise since 2004. The show features animated debates with diverse resource people dealing with children’s rights, children’s health, peace, children’s slavery, children’s abuse and good citizenship. 

ICDB Programme
For its ICDB activity, TVT turned to its youth-produced program “A Nous la Planete.”  In the thirty-minute ICDB episode, the youth panelists debate issues of gender equality.  They interview high school students about their views on gender and the discrimination they sometimes face.  The panelists also debate possible solutions to solving those gender inequality issues.

Approach to Children and Children's Programming
Télévision Togolaise has three regular children’s programs: Theatre scolaire, Salut les enfants and A nous la planeteTheatre scolaire is a theater program for children. It airs every Saturday in the midday and is produced by TVT in schools.  Salut les enfants airs every Wednesday afternoon  and is presented by an adult for children. The children involved are singing, reciting and dancing.

The children's programme A Nous la Planete is a weekly show that airs every Sunday at midday.  Created in 2002, A Nous La Planete is a movement which works to safeguard the planet through children’s education. For this purpose, it supports rural education and the education of youth through children’s broadcasting and conducting programmes in schools, quarters, villages and towns.  It also provides assistance to orphans and destitute children throughout Togo. It deals principally with children's rights, health, the protection of environment and peace culture. Promoting positive children’s growth, the youth themselves are the active members of these programmes.

The club consists of children and young people who meet every Saturday afternoon and three times a week during the holidays to film, discuss issues affecting them (rights, health, environment), initiate cultural activities (music, skits, dance, visual art) and partake in audio-visual training (shooting, sound, editing, presentation).  The filming, reports and presentations are made by the youth themselves.