ATN Bangla

Established in 1997, ATN Bangla is the first private satellite TV Channel in Bangladesh. The station aired new programmes from its inception and introduced news and talk shows in 2001. At present, it is a 24-hour TV channel and has as many as ten news bulletins, including two in English.  ATN BANGLA has year-round  programming of national and international news issues, educational, creative and sports programmes as well as entertainment. ATN Bangla has programmes of national, regional and international interest, with special programmes for women, children and marginalized people. ATN Bangla puts special emphasis on children's programming and aims to promote the talents of children irrespective of cast, creed and social position.
ATN Bangla has correspondents and offices in major capitals around the world. 

ICDB Programme
For its ICDB activity, ATN Bangla produced a docu-drama called “Dismantling of Discrimination.”  Youth prepared and helped write and produce the program.  It shows a poor family of a tiny village who struggle for survival.  The son Babla gets priority over the daughter Tuli in terms of daily life and education.  But Tuli, frustrated at not being treated equally, works extra hard to prove to her parents that she can also be successful.

Approach to Children and Children's Programming
ATN BANGLA has specially committed to children issues such as children rights, education, creativity and entertainment. To cover these issues, it has a  regular weekly children programme “Amra korbo joy”. 20 children, ages 10-16, are regularly involved with this programme. The show, which began in 2003, airs for 30 minute every Thursday at 6:15 pm.  ATN Bangla also  telecasts daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly children’s programmes, as well as special child-related events.