Faces and stories

There are many tales of those living with HIV/AIDs around the world and the work UNICEF does to support them. These are some of them.

A mother, father, and a five year old boy

Children and mothers are at the centre of UNICEF’s HIV response. Read and view their stories featured below. For more information, please visit the Children and AIDS YouTube channel and  UNICEF Connect.


The Long Walk

Lifesaving treatment enables women living with HIV to protect their babies and live long, healthy lives. Maria started treatment early and gave birth to two HIV-negative children. She has become a mentor mother to inspire others, especially younger mothers to know their HIV status and to start treatment as soon as possible.


Peer support can make all the difference for pregnant women living with HIV 

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, mentor mothers provide their peers and communities with the education and counselling needed to reduce stigma. This empowers pregnant women to start and remain on treatment and to protect their babies from HIV.


A Mother’s Story of Hope

Livey Van Wyk, 31, has come a long way from being a pregnant and HIV-positive teenager to becoming a fulfilled mother and an influential and inspiring young mayor who is the pride of her native Namibia. Her life tells a powerful story of courage and hope, in which UNICEF played a crucial role to help her not only survive, but also thrive.


Involving men for better HIV outcomes

Engaging men in health care can improve HIV and health outcomes for their partners. Through men’s circles, male partners of women living with HIV are encouraged to get tested for HIV and start treatment if they are HIV-positive. Educating men about the important role they play in the health of their families lays the foundation for changing gender norms and preventing HIV.