Articles and related evidence

Child health

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HIV and Infant Feeding

UNICEF, A Report of WABA-UNICEF Colloquium (external), 20-21 September 2002, Arusha, Tanzania.

ORT and Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS)

Victora CG, Bryce J, Fontaine O, Monasch R.  Reducing deaths from diarrhea through oral rehydration therapy (PDF). Bull World Health Organ 2000; 78:1246
UNICEF/WHO Update, March 2002.

Measles Vaccine

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ITNs and Anti-malarials

Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, Working Paper 6, The Evidence Base for Interventions to Reduce Malaria Mortality in Low and Middle-Income Countries (PDF), September 2001.

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Intermittent preventive treatment for infants (IPTi)

David Schellenberg, Clara Menendez, Elizeus Kahigwa, John Aponte, Josep Vidal, Marcel Tanner, Hassan Mshinda, Pedro Alonso  Intermittent treatment for malaria and anaemia control at time of routine vaccinations in Tanzanian infants: a randomised, placebo-controlled trial (PDF). Lancet 357 Issue 9267, pp 1471-77, 2001.

Julius J Massaga, Andrew Y Kitua,Martha M Lemnge, Jumaa A Akida,Lincoln N Malle,Anita M Rønn, Thor G Theander,Ib C Bygbjerg, Effect of intermittent treatment with amodiaquine on anaemia and malarial fevers in infants in Tanzania:a randomised placebo-controlled trial (PDF). The Lancet Vol. 361 pp 1853-60, May 2003.

Antibiotics (Community Management of Pneumonia)

WHO, CAH, Evidence base for the community management of pneumonia (Word), June 11-12, 2002, Stockholm, Sweden.

Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC)

Maine, D., et al. Why Did Maternal Mortality Decline in Matlab? (external) Studies in Family Planning, Vol. 27, 4; July/Aug 1996.

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Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population, Egypt National Maternal Mortality Study 2000, USAID, JSI.


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