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Photo Press Centre

© UNICEF/HQ04-0991/Pirozzi

An orphanage in the western city of Kutaisi, Georgia. Weak governance, economic instability and the collapse of social services threaten the most vulnerable children.

© UNICEF/HQ97-0458/Horner

A pre-school in Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. School attendance rises when learning is combined with services such as supplementary food and immunization.

© UNICEF/HQ06-0441/Pirozzi

A remote settlement in Zimbabwe. Forced displacements and food shortages have traumatized a country already devastated by HIV/AIDS.

© UNICEF/HQ05-2125/Pirozzi

A health centre, Democratic Republic of the Congo. A decade of conflict has resulted in 4 million deaths, and 8,000 children remain with armed rebel and militia groups.

© UNICEF/HQ06-1679/Brooks

A boy stands amid the rubble and debris of his former neighbourhood in Beirut, Lebanon.

© UNICEF/HQ06-1591/Noorani

A camp for the displaced in Sri Lanka’s North-Eastern Province, where ongoing conflict has displaced more than 450,000.

© UNICEF/HQ05-0873/Noorani

A shelter for children orphaned by AIDS, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. More than 200,000 children nationwide have lost one or both parents to AIDS.

© UNICEF/HQ05-1047/Chalasani

A clinic in Niger’s Maradi Region, one of the areas most affected by food shortages and persistent acute malnutrition.