Water is one of the basic necessities to sustain life, but an estimated 117 million people lack safe water in crisis countries.

From Bangladesh and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to South Sudan, Syria and Yemen, millions of children living in conflict zones face direct threats every day. And increasingly, these children are dying from the unsafe water they drink. Lack of clean water has caused diseases to spread, including devastating cholera outbreaks and chronic malnutrition in humanitarian emergencies.

Global requirements for UNICEF humanitarian programmes

UNICEF’s work in 2017

“UNICEF is serving and protecting the most vulnerable children who are living through conflict and crisis. If we do not stand by these children, who will?”

Henrietta H. Fore, UNICEF Executive Director

UNICEF’s targets for 2018

As the needs of children continue to grow, UNICEF's work has to keep pace.

Forgotten crises

Millions of children around the world need us to remember that they are suffering, too.