08 May 2024

Suicide - Research report and action plan 2020-2024

Preface Brainstorming sessions held with various representatives of ministries in August 2020 resulted in the need for a Ministry of Labour, Employment and Youth Affairs (AW&J) to play a leading role in taking measures to combat suicide among young people. Given that responsibility for this target group falls under the Ministry, in particular the Youth Affairs Directorate, it was deemed necessary to address this issue. The results contained in this report provide a comprehensive and up-to-date insight into the suicidality of young people in the age group 16 - 25 years. Above all, the results are intended as a baseline measurement, and therefore an instrument for taking actions that should lead to a decrease in suicidal behavior among young people. This report includes actions that the Ministry intends to implement. A word of thanks goes out to all who contributed in any way to the preparation of this report. A special word of thanks goes to all young people who voluntarily participated in the study. A special word of thanks also goes to the school leaders of the various secondary schools in rural districts and the interior who gave the students the opportunity to complete the questionnaire. Very special gratitude goes to all members of the Suicide Approach and Psychosocial Assistance working group, in particular the director of the Youth Affairs Directorate, Mrs. G. Mangroe, Mrs. S. Hussainali (secretary of the working group) and Mrs. Sukhoe-Hanoeman of UNICEF, who provided their full support throughout the entire process. Graciella Hunte MSc.Consultant/Researcher