Sylvie Fouet

Short biography of Sylvie Fouet, UNICEF Representative in Guyana and Suriname

UNICEF Representative at MICS6 Suriname launch
UNICEF Suriname 2019

Meet UNICEF Representative in Guyana and Suriname

Ms. Sylvie Fouet has been the UNICEF Representative in Guyana and in Suriname since January 2017.  With over 20 years of experiences working with international organizations (including fifteen years with UNICEF), she has worked extensively in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East.

Delivering results for children and young people by reducing violence and inequities as well as promoting better educational opportunities are areas of priority interest.  The current Country Program 2017-2021 has four priority areas: (i) safety-justice, (ii) lifelong learning (iii) social inclusion-child rights monitoring and (iv) emergency preparedness and response. Recent oil-gas discoveries open opportunities to invest in adolescents and young people to develop their full potential. Gender equality remains high on the agenda, including empowerment of girls, reintegration of teen mothers into education and employability.

Prior to Guyana & Suriname, she served as UNICEF Deputy Representative for the Democratic Republic of Congo (2012-2016).  In this capacity, she has provided leadership in the implementation of one of the largest UNICEF’s program. She has nurtured innovative and public-private partnership, including with the extractive industries and the energy-water sectors. 

She has nurtured innovative and public-private partnership, including with the extractive industries and the energy-water sectors.

Sexual Offences Court in Berbice
UNICEF Guyana/2019
Sexual Offences Court Essequibo, Advocacy, Child Protection
UNICEF Guyana/2019

As senior adviser for UNICEF Public Partnerships Division out-posted in Belgium (2006-2011), she led the Brussels-based UN policy group on humanitarian-security-development nexus and conducted nutrition security-related missions to Thailand, Kenya/Somalia and Ethiopia. Before supporting global partnerships, she served as UNICEF Emergency Specialist for the Middle East and North Africa Regional Office based in Jordan (2004-2006). As first line respondent, she has been deployed to Horn of Africa/Djibouti, Iraq, Palestine, Sudan/Darfur, Syria and Yemen Country Offices.

Prior to joining UNICEF, she served as diplomat for the Middle East Peace process as part of the EU delegation and assisting the EU Special Envoy to the Middle East (1997-2004).  Posted in Jerusalem, she liaised with Offices in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan.  Prior to the Middle East, she worked as Chargée de Mission of the North-African desk for the French cooperation (1995-1996), travelling to Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

Sylvie Fouet is a French national. She received her M.Phil (with honors) in Political Science from the University of Paris-Sorbonne and a Master (MSc.) in International Relations from the London School of Economics. She speaks English, French, Arabic, basic Spanish, basic Dutch/German and is learning Swahili.