Child focused public expenditure assessment

Guyana is intensifying its efforts in child-friendly budgeting, to close equity gaps and to ensure deliberate expenditure


Guyana’s Child-focused Public Expenditure Assessment 2018, examines Guyana’s financing and expenditure patterns, across Government sectors, for children. Children’s wellbeing is a basic condition for sustainable human development and democratic governance and is at the basis of a conceptual framework to advocate for social investments on behalf of individuals in their early stages of life. This report elaborates on three economic classifications of child-focused programme expenditure: 1. those that directly benefit children 2. those that target families and have an impact on the children’s well-being and 3. those aimed at large portions of the population, which include children. This report presents solid economic evidence that can inform decision making, for increased investment for children, at the national and sub-national levels.

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