Request for Proposals - Long Term Agreements (LTAs)

for writing, copy-editing, photography, and videography services

Teen boys at Sandcreek Dormitory Schoolk in Region nine Guyana
UNICEF Guyana 2018



UNICEF works towards realization of the rights of children as prescribed in the Convention of the Rights of the Child. In an effort to achieve its goals, UNICEF Guyana and Suriname applies various programme strategies and interventions at different levels. Through these interventions there have been significant achievements and lessons learnt. UNICEF continues its support in the areas of (1) safety and justice; (2) lifelong learning; (3) social inclusion and child rights monitoring and (4) an emergency response to the Venezuelan migrant crisis.

There is an ongoing requirement for production of communication, advocacy and visibility materials that document key children's issues and ongoing responses in the field through high quality content packages, to support UNICEF and the Government of Guyana's communication, advocacy and visibility efforts with policy makers, media, donors, partners and the public at large. These high quality content packages include design packages, advocacy toolkits, photo packages, human interest stories, videos and short films that document UNICEF’s work and programming. These content packages will be disseminated through different channels including website, social media platforms, external media networks, partner networks and donor reports.

UNICEF requires the services of reputed content production companies on long term arrangement which offers services in the fields of writing, copy editing, photography, and videography/filmmaking to produce and edit, high quality reports, short films including animation films, human interest stories, and photo packages as part of a complete package of content. As important accountability, public information and resource mobilization tools for the organization, the deliverables must be of the highest quality.

To this end UNICEF Guyana is seeking to enter Long-Term Arrangements with companies to provide quality, timely and professional writing, copy-editing, photography and videography/filmmaking services. As a result of this Request for Proposal for Services (RFPS) process, UNICEF Guyana will establish non-exclusive Long Term Arrangements with multiple companies for the initial term of two (2) years with an option to extend for two (2) more additional one-year periods at the discretion of UNICEF Guyana, subject to satisfactory performance by the service provider.

For information on how to apply and full TORs, please access the link at the top right of this page.

All proposals and applications should be sent to